Can we please pay you less to work more?


I just got done reading an email from a blogger on another site for which I write. She has her own business and consults with a non-profit organization for about 20 hours a month. The organization wants to "bring her in house." What does that mean? She works more and gets paid less.

The organization wants her for 40 hours a month, but wants to pay her the exact same amount they're paying her as a consultant. Does that sound like a good deal? Not to me!

Companies and organizations are famous for making moves like this all the time. I call it the "buy it in bulk" mentality. They think that if they offer you more work, you should be willing to lower your rates. Kind of like when you go to the grocery store and buy a 20-pound can of baked beans. It's often going to cost you less per serving. But there's always a downside to consider. Sure, the beans are cheaper per serving, but do you really want or need 20 pounds of baked beans?