WalletPop special guest blogger: President Bush...?

Is President Bush fishing around for something to do after he leaves office in January? Yesterday at a press conference he seemed to be trying out the job of dispensing personal finance advice. I know, I know, telling people how to save seemingly microscopic amounts of money seems so glamorous. The fancy financial calculators! The posh setting (your home!).

Other presidents have been tempted. If WalletPop were around in 1977, Jimmy Carter might have wanted to write a barn-burner post headlined Will a sweater lower your heating bills?

President Bush -- who learned from reporters in February that analysts feared gas was heading to $4 -- dropped quite a few money-saving and economy-stimulating tidbits into his press conference. As busy as he's been these last seven years, he's still moonlighted a bit, instructing Americans about the meaning of recession or the value of shopping.

He didn't have the time yesterday to work up his wisdom into full WalletPop-worthy lesson, so I've condensed his major points here, for those not lucky enough to see the press conference.
  • Spend "...Take advantage of these stimulus payments and inject new energy into our economy."
  • Relax "...Take a deep breath and realize that [your] deposits are protected by our government."
  • Buy a small car "...people -- consumers are beginning to say, wait a minute, I don't want a gas guzzler anymore, I want a smaller car."
  • Drive less "[Americans are] smart enough to figure out whether they're going to drive less or not. I mean, you know, it's interesting what the price of gasoline has done, it has caused people to drive less. That's why they want smaller cars, they want to conserve."
  • Turn off the air conditioner when you leave "... if they're not in their home, they don't keep their air-conditioning running. There's a lot of things people can do."
I don't know, those might be too advanced or complicated for Americans to follow. Maybe he could do a post on how to be born into a rich and powerful family. (now that's a post we'd love to read! -- eds.)
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