Commercials invading concerts this summer, iPods next!


Since the general public has adjusted to commercials being shown before movies we pay good money for, it seems that the music industry has decided now would be a good time to further commercialize summer concerts.

While commercials may actually fit into the pop music genre, it seems that Electronic Arts decided that metal would make a better entry point for pre-concert commercials. During the current tour of animated metal band Dethklok, a commercial was aired before the virtual band took the stage, resulting in boos from the crowd.

Joel Watson, author of "Hijinks Ensue," was there to witness the crowd's reaction to the commercial and has envisioned a music executive's wet dream; a future where song lyrics are edited to include product placement.

Imagine a future where Weezer is pitching Old Navy sweaters and Metallica starts hawking cars for your local Hyundai dealership! I'm sure somewhere someone is plotting to merge Madison Avenue and the music industry even closer as we speak.

Sadly, there's plenty of precedent. Remember how they pimped Janis Joplin's classic "Mercedes Benz" to sell the actual car? That commercial ran in the '80s!

What's my point you ask? Commercials are a part of our lives these days, but they generally provide a discount to the consumer. Advertising on network television foots the bill for favorites such as Lost or Heroes and commercials on radio provide the funds to keep it free. Concerts have had sponsorships via posters and NASCAR stylized tour buses for most of my concert-going life, but if they want to add in commercials before the band takes the stage, the least they could do is offer me a ticket for $25 instead of $30. Better yet provide free parking and no convenience fees and then display that before and after the commercial. I know I would happily watch a commercial if it meant I got something worthwhile for free.