Mapping the Starbucks closings: Is your coffee shop on the list?


When you heard that Starbucks would be shutting 600 under-performing stores by March, did you wonder if a coffee shop near you was on the list? Everyone is curious. Blogger Paul Kedrosky mapped the 50 locations Starbucks officially announced it would close. The Seattle Times, Starbucks' hometown newspaper, went a step further and mapped all the stores that are rumored to close, according to baristas, customers the media and others. They've even opened a tip center for rumors of more closings.

The maps both show to some extent how Starbucks overextended itself in frothy real estate areas. The map of official closings shows five stores doomed in Las Vegas, six in southern California, but none yet in Florida.The rumor map has six in Florida, seven in Vegas and 22 in southern California. Dallas, Minnesota, Oklahoma City and Omaha will be caffeine-deprived.