Lower your grocery bill with price matching

kid and a grocery cart
kid and a grocery cart

Often times getting the best deal on groceries involves making several trips to different stores in order to get the lowest prices on everything you need. However there is an easy way to avoid the hassle of going to multiple stores; price match your groceries! While many stores seem to have so many catches that the poster advertising price matches looks like someone's last will and testament, my local grocery stores will price match just about any item they have in stock. The deal gets even better when you factor in the gas and time savings that you gain from going to one store instead of four!

The simplest way to begin your price matching plan is to grab a copy of your local paper with the week's shopping circulars, be sure to grab the coupons while you're in there since you can tack those on after the Before you go through the trouble of arranging your price matching make sure the store you intend to go to does price match; in my area Wal-mart and Meijer both match local prices. Once you find out which store have the cheapest prices be sure to note the store and the amount on your shopping list. If you plan to price match numerous of items and don't want the clerk or your fellow shoppers to put a piece of celery in your back you should also mark the pages in the ads in order to speed up the whole process.

It's really that simple to save money on grocery shopping by price matching. The only real catch that you will run into is that you can't price match store brands. Depending on the store this may also include meat and produce departments since the price match is intended to offer the same price for the exact same item. Since we do most of our shopping based on what is on sale we don't do a whole lot of price matching but in my college days I didn't dare venture into a Wal-mart without an ad for Meijer!