Get a good deal just by asking for it


Who doesn't love a good deal? If given the choice, would you rather pay more or less for an item or a meal? I'd venture to guess that you're like me and you'd rather pay less. One simple secret to getting a better deal on your food or purchase is simply by asking for it.

I'm notorious for asking a cashier if there's currently any coupon or other special deal that I might be missing out on. I've been known to point out to stores that I'm a loyal customer and would love to have a 5% discount as a thank you. I'm not afraid to ask a restaurant for free or reduced price food, not just when I have poor service or some other problem.

Case in point: I like a particular salad at a chain restaurant, but I like it without chicken. Why should I pay the full price when I'm not getting the most expensive ingredient? So I order the salad the way I like it, and ask if they can just charge me for a regular meatless salad. And I haven't been turned down.