World Series of Poker 2008 Roundup.

World Series of Poker 2008
World Series of Poker 2008

For the past several years has sent winners of our online tournaments to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. It is always a highlight of our year and we extremely proud of our players.

Last year a Troy O'Brien, a fireman from New Jersey, got to live his dream and won over $50,000 with his free seat to the World Series of Poker. I thought that was a pretty big deal and we so happy to highlight Troy O'Brien's fine poker play.

This year, our team was a bit smaller. Six of our online tournament winners were going to go to the World Series of Poker. I thought it would mean the end for our big blow out coverage. I thought our coverage would consist of our free online tournaments; we'd send our team of six and that would be it. For instance last year we created video interviews of every player and this year we just ran pictures of the team. You can forgive me if I underestimated our team? Boy was I wrong.

A Poker Phenom in Our Midst

This year with our of small team of six players not only did we have a big winner. We had HALF the team make it past day one! That is a feat in and of itself. Of the nearly 7,000 entries to the main event more than half of those players are sent home within the first day. Team beat the odds! After day one, Dawn Baleno of New York, Bill Seberof Texas and Alfredo Fernandezcarried the banner forward.

After day one it started to get tough for the team. Dawn was the first to go as she got beat while holding a pair of Kings. You can't win them all and sometimes an opponent catches break. After Dawn returned home she was able to share her experience with us. You can read about it here: Dawn Baleno's 2008 World Series of Poker

Next up was our tough Texan Bill Seber. A grand dad and a veteran he stuck around and was about to do some damage of his own. In any other year Bill would be our big winner. Bill played wonderfully and finished a respectable 233rd. We're really proud of Bill's work and he kept us in the loop as he was moving though the event. Bill is home counting his sweet $35,383!