's 'Off to College with Video Games' sale


A lot of people have been complaining about the dumbing down of America's colleges, alleging that our great universities have turned into amusement parks where students drink and slack, learning very little of any value.

Others, including this blogger, have said that the current "student loan crisis" is a myth, asserting that many students are taking out loans instead of choosing less expensive schools or, heaven forbid, working more and spending less.

There's no better proof that both of these allegations are true than Amazon's latest sale: Off to College with Video Games.

What follows is a page of "bargains" on video games. NCAA Football 2009? $59.99, because intramural sports burn too many calories, and what would freshman year be without "the freshman 15." Guitar Hero Aerosmith Wireless Bundle? $99.99 because displaying the work ethic to actually learn an instrument is sooo 20th century.

We should have a rule: no one who blows money on video games should be allowed to whine about the rising cost of college. And if you're taking out student loans, that means that you can't afford to waste money on trash like this.