Advice for the Sandwich Generation: a Mini Q&A with an Expert


When I first heard of the phrase, sandwich generation, I naturally thought I was a member, just as I would have figured people were talking about me if they had said the Pizza Generation or the Ice Cream Generation... Sigh, I really do need to drop a few pounds. Anyway, as many of you likely know, the sandwich generation refers to the time of your life when you're probably still taking care of your kids to some degree -- maybe they're finishing high school or starting college -- and the time of your life when you're taking care of your parents -- like running errands for them, helping them fill out insurance forms or finding them a new place to live.

It's a trying time. You want the best for your parents, but you probably can't afford to quit your job to focus on them full-time. And if you're going to be contributing to their living expenses, you definitely can't quit your job. Which is why I thought it might be helpful to do an interview with Pamala Temple, who co-founded A Place for Mom, which has one sole mission: to help grown children find a place for their elderly parents to live. And, it should be noted, it's a free service.