lawsuit may be on the horizon


Back in April, I wrote about a little case of spamming people's entire address books without explicit permission. It's a simple scam. You get an email from saying that Jane Smith has been searching for you, and you're asked to go to the site and sign up for a free account. Once you sign up, you get a message saying "We'll find your friends and family who are already members and also automatically invite any nonmembers to join (it's free!)."

You agree to let access your email address book, thinking that you're going to have an opportunity to decide who gets invited and who doesn't. Instead, immediately sends an email to everyone in your address book. How embarrassing to have business contacts receive an email that you were looking for them on a high school reunion website! What about an ex-boyfriend receiving this email? Or a potential employer?

I've read comments from consumers all over the internet who fell victim to this scam. But now justice may be served as a law firm in San Francisco is investigating the case for possible legal action.