Save money and look great on the "Polk County See Through Diet"

bread slices
bread slices

My mother in law has often joked about being on the "See Food diet" as in if she sees it she eats it. The prisoner's in Polk County Florida are being put on a brand new nutrition regimen which could result in a second generation of Subway's Jared. The Sheriff in Polk County has switched the prisoners off of everyone's favorite PB&J and introduced the "Polk County See Through Diet" in which prisoners are served cold meat sandwiches sliced so thin you can see right through them. This move won't just produce inmates capable of walking the catwalk in Miami upon release but also save the county over $10,000 this year.

It sees that budget crunched county has missed a real cash cow here since they don't plan to market the "Polk County See Through Diet" to the rest of America! They could easily pay for housing double the inmates by partnering with Richard Simmons or Billie Mays to sell this amazing new health system for 3 low payments of $19.95. They could even cut costs and employ the prisoners to produce and manufacture the system during their incarceration.

Fear not though loyal readers you can still save money without committing a felony: just cut out a slice of bread from breakfast and for lunch trade in your Dagwood inspired sandwich for a more reserved one containing the "butcher's special" sliced thin enough to see through. Don't worry if you follow the "Polk County See Through Diet" you'll still get your recommended allotment of calories for the day all while saving money. You wouldn't believe how far a pound of baloney will go if it is sliced thinner than institutional toilet paper!