How Loan Officers View "Quotation Marks"


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I got a couple of emails this past week from potential clients who had different situations they were needing help with but they both made frequent use of "quotation marks." It's not that quotation marks are some odd punctuation, it's not, but it's always the "use" of quotation marks in an email that can give me pause.

The first email was from a real estate agent who was moving to Austin from California and she was referred to me as someone who might help in her "situation." She was in real estate but also taught piano on the side.

She wrote, "David, I'm in real estate and moving to Austin. I do well in real estate and have actually been involved in a few Austin deals this past year. I do know however, that I will require a "stated" income loan." When she put quotation marks around the word "stated" I had a hunch what was up.