Use the Anti-calendar to save money

The Internet cloud is chock-full of reminder services, from when to clean your bathroom to when to pay your taxes. However, if your goal is saving money, you might want to follow the anti-calendar. This is our guide to buying products and services at the time of year when no-one else is, so the price could be much lower. I've started such a calendar, and hope that with your input we can develop this into a great money-saving tool.

  • January
    Christmas decorations, of course
    Tree removal/pruning
    Car shopping
    Spring bulbs (hold to plant)
  • February
    Window and door replacements
    Outlet stores (Christmas returns aplenty)
    Back to school clothes
  • March
    Winter clothing
    School supplies
    Valentine's Day cards and gifts
  • April
    Gym memberships
    Snow ski equipment
  • May
    Snow shovels, snow blowers
  • June
    Furnace tuneup
    Mother's Day cards and gifts
  • July
    Used furniture
    Thrift stores
    Tax prep services (assuming you filed for an extension in April)
    Weight loss programs
  • August
    Personal financial planning
  • September
    Summer clothes
    Vacation packages
    Amusement parks
  • October
  • November
    Shrubs, bushes, and trees
    Golf greens fees, equipment
    Chocolate for Christmas, Valentine's Day
    Interior house painting
  • December
    Exterior home repair; gutters, sidewalks, siding
    Air conditioners
    Fall clothing
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