Shopittome digs for haute couture deals in your brand, size


Not everyone shares my penchant for shopping thrift stores to build my wardrobe. For those of you who have favorite designer or retailer labels (my wife, for example, loves Chico's stuff,) a new Internet personal shopper service,, promises to let you know whenever your brand, in your size, goes on sale.

A Juicy Couture tracksuit? Calvin Klein wool suit? Dolce & Gabanna pointed toe pump? Jimmy Choo patent leather boots? The range of brands runs from the highest quality (read:most expensive) through more value-conscious, but not the bottom-feeders. This leaves out my haberdashery of choice, Walmart.

Shopittome offers sale updates in either daily or weekly e-mails, or as Twitter feeds. Many of the merchants that Shopittome also offer their own personal shopper service, but I'd much prefer one such as this that consolidates the sales into one email. I had to define Pennys email as junk mail to free my mailbox of their onslaught.

Certainly this isn't the first personal shopper service online, but its clean interface and narrow focus make it worth a try for those with a Sex in the City fashion sensibility or a heels fetish.