Five reasons to hold off on the iPhone 3G


When the Apple iPhone was first set to hit stores last year, I watched the media frenzy with amusement. All that hype for a gadget, I marveled. I just didn't get it.

But now I've seen the iPhone in action, and I have to admit, it's pretty dang cool. And yes, as my Blackberry Pearl ages it's even crossed my mind that perhaps when I'm ready to upgrade, I should change fruits and go with the Apple. I don't expect to be needing GPS in my phone anytime soon (but you never know, do you?), but from all accounts, 3G does indeed seem like all that AND a bag of chips. And with a vastly-lower price point than its predecessor -- $199 for an 8-Gig versus $600 it would have cost me last year -- this particular apple has me tempted, indeed.

With that in mind however, maybe I can stand to wait a little longer. Even though the new Apple iPhone 3G is due to hit stores July 11, I found a tech blog written by Ben Patterson, giving me, the luddite, five good reasons to hold off on getting in line for Apple's second coming.

Allow me to paraphrase here: