Five reasons to hold off on the iPhone 3G

When the Apple iPhone was first set to hit stores last year, I watched the media frenzy with amusement. All that hype for a gadget, I marveled. I just didn't get it.

But now I've seen the iPhone in action, and I have to admit, it's pretty dang cool. And yes, as my Blackberry Pearl ages it's even crossed my mind that perhaps when I'm ready to upgrade, I should change fruits and go with the Apple. I don't expect to be needing GPS in my phone anytime soon (but you never know, do you?), but from all accounts, 3G does indeed seem like all that AND a bag of chips. And with a vastly-lower price point than its predecessor -- $199 for an 8-Gig versus $600 it would have cost me last year -- this particular apple has me tempted, indeed.

With that in mind however, maybe I can stand to wait a little longer. Even though the new Apple iPhone 3G is due to hit stores July 11, I found a tech blog written by Ben Patterson, giving me, the luddite, five good reasons to hold off on getting in line for Apple's second coming.

Allow me to paraphrase here:
1.) No shortages expected. When the iPhone first launched last year, early adopters got in line because they were afraid they wouldn't get theirs before supplies sold out. That didn't happen, and indeed, there's even less likelihood of that now. No sense in creating a Wii-like product shortage when you're en route to changing the workplace paradigm.

2.) Avoid the chaos -- according to Patterson, you won't be able to activate your new iPhone over iTunes as you could last year. This time around, clerks will activate it for you and make you sign a contract on the spot. If you're a new AT&T customer, you'll have to get a credit check right there and then, adding to your wait. The whole process sounds like a sure recipe for chaos to me, especially opening day. I'll give that a few months to work itself out.

3.) Bigger and badder coming soon -- the iPhone 3G only comes in 8 or 16-GB, but geeks worldwide expect Apple to unleash a 32GB this year. If you're going to use the iPhone for all you can, (including all your music and video) might as well wait for the bigger memory ability just around the corner.

4.)The best 3G tricks are coming to the previous version. Yes, it's all good that the 3G will be getting real GPS and all, but for now you can't dowload music tracks over AT&T's 3G network or access its streaming video services. But when the App Store opens July 11, you will be able to upgrade lots of goodies to your old iPhone, which should keep you happy until the 32GB iPhone arrives.

5) Something more interesting might come down the pike...which doesn't mean anything if you're not a gadget fanatic.

There you go. Am I going to see you in line on Friday or not?
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