Kentucky woman turns tricks to fill her gas tank!


When sociologists compile the reasons that people turn to prostitution, the usual suspects are drug addiction, poverty, and abuse. However, as gas prices continue to steadily rise, it's looks like a new reason for turning tricks may edge its way into the top three...

Last Wednesday, police arrested Angela Eversole for prostitution, as well as "doing business without an occupational license." According to Eversole's boyfriend, she is not a professional sex worker; however, when she wandered into a police sting operation in a Day's Inn in Fort Wright, Kentucky, she was performing sexual acts in return for economic remuneration. According to reports, Eversole's customer, Kenneth Nowak, paid her with a $100 gas card and "assorted gifts."

Even the authorities seem to recognize that Eversole may have had non-traditional reasons for drifting into the seedy world of sex for money. As Kenton County prosecutor Ken Easterling noted, "It's sad when people are selling their bodies for gas." What's sadder is that the the police are letting Eversole take full responsibility for the crime, without even a thought for her pimp. Is it really that hard to fill out an arrest warrant for OPEC?

Bruce Watson is a freelance writer, blogger, and all-around cheapskate. He tried to prostitute himself for Tic-Tacs, but the lady at the convenience store just doubled the price.