Weather insurance for your vacation?

hotel with rain
hotel with rain

Are you sick of spending your summer vacation cramped up in a hotel while the rides at Disneyland sit idly by, cementing the thought that you just blew the down payment on a small house to watch reruns on HBO? To combat the fickle nature of well nature, is offering a "Sunshine Guarantee" which will provide a refund to you in the event that your vacation is rained out. Like all good offers though, there are a few qualifications to the refund.

A light drizzle as you arrive for check in at the hotel won't be enough to get a refund on your vacation. In order to get your money back it will need to rain at least a half an inch on half of the days you are on vacation, with the rainfall amount being recorded at your destination's airport. Even though it should go without saying the "Sunshine Guarantee" only covers those services you book through Priceline.

I wouldn't recommend spending extra to purchase weather insurance for your next trip, but if you can get it for free by booking through Priceline and still get competitive prices on your vacation you may as well take advantage of the extra protection. Even though the offer will refund your money it can't refund those vacation days you burnt to get away so be sure to check out which will help you find the best day to have an outdoor event. Then again, if you vacation for museums and culinary delights rather than outdoor activities you might be able to use to figure out which dates would most likely net you a free trip!