Fantastic Freebies! Gillette bodywash and shampoo


In our ongoing quest to provide you with more free toiletries than the gift bag at the Procter & Gamble annual meeting, here's your chance to get free Gillette shampoo and.or bodywash, courtesy of Sam's Club. It isn't immediately clear which you -- maybe you get both -- so you'll have to fill out the form and check your mail. Click
here and then click "Get Your Sample." Here's the PR on the products:

Dry Skin Hydrator and Body Wash
Get a deep-cleaning body wash with three times the hydrators versus the leading male body wash and helps defend against dry skin.

Gentle Clean Shampoo and Body Wash
Deep cleaning body wash leaves hair healthy looking and has 40% more cleansers versus the leading hair and body wash.

Gillette Clean + Condition 2-in-1 Shampoo
For hair that feels great in only one step.

Gillette Deep Cleaning Shampoo
Charged cleaning system removes dirt and oil for a clean that lasts all day.