Get ready to buy an iPhone 3G: Sell your cell contract!

cell phones
cell phones

Cell phone contracts often lock up the user tighter than Alcatraz, and the cost to escape is just as costly, with the lowest termination fees still coming in over $150.

Thankfully if you want to get out of your current cell phone plan without paying out the nose, you can sell your cell phone contract via The service connects you with people who want to pick up a short term contract on the cheap, allowing you to sign up for a new iPhone or a plan that better fits your calling habits.

The cost to sell your contract begins at $18.95 for the basic sale package, where your phone will be listed until the contract is purchased. Once you have made a sale, you simply have to ring up your current provider and initiate a transfer process, which typically takes 2-3 days. If you are switching to another provider you can even keep your phone number. You can also get 25% of your selling fee refunded if you purchase your next phone contract from

I'm always impressed with the businesses that pop up to deal with the shortcomings of the current marketplace. I still wish you could purchase an affordable phone without making a commitment that lasts longer than many marriages these days. Of course if you're selling your current contract to purchase a new iPhone, make sure you check out the new iPhone pricing plans!