Foot filming fraud follies?


Crusty feet everywhere swear by the miracle product, PedEgg. Designed to smooth even the most unattractive feet, it's said to be worth its weight in gold at only $10. It looks like a cheese grater with an egg for a handle, and they say it shaves off dead skin, callouses, and foot atrocities.

You're dying to be in a commercial for such a product, aren't you? Well of course, there's a story here. Former "The Amazing Race" contestants Kelly Parks-Corso and Jonathan Corso are ticked off because they helped make a low-budget commerical for the contraption, and now it's being shown worldwide. They were told only a limited number of people would see them making fools of themselves!

According to the lawsuit,
they were paid $300 and $375 to show up and be hand and foot models. There was allegedly a verbal agreement that they'd be paid for the publication or use of the material, but that the details would be determined later. They say only their hands and feet were supposed to be shown, and that the video was only to be used on the internet.