Best places to live...and not work


The internet is full of lists of the best places to live and work.

But that's no fun! What we need is a list of great places to live and not work. And I'm not just talking about retirement. I'm talking a great place for folks of all ages to live and collect unemployment, acting as a leech on society's more ambitious people. Forbes of all places has compiled just such a list.

If you live in Denmark and have worked 52 weeks out of the previous 3 years, you're eligible to receive 90% of your earnings from the past 4 years. Norway and Finland have similar programs. There's a drop-off before you get to Sweden, Israel, Japan and Germany.

In the United States, unemployment benefits can be as low as 27%. The problem with unemployment tourism is that it may be difficult to successfully gain citizenship in a foreign country after you've established a track record of sitting around watching The Price is Right. So you'll want to work hard and earn a decent living for a few years before attempting this con.