Live in Minneapolis/St. Paul? FREE gas at noon today, for one hour...

Frankly, I think today, at noon Central time, I'd want to not be in Minneapolis. These free gas giveaways always seem to go a little nuts with traffic jams. But I wish this company well.

Skinny Nutritional Corporation, which sells SkinnyWater, a flavored water that has no calories or sugar, will be giving away five flavors of SkinnyWater and, yes, they're going to give away free gas. In fact, they'll be changing the sign, which will be reading $4.21 or whatever ridiculous number is posted there, to $0.00. And, yes, as noted, they'll give away gas -- diesel, premium, unleaded -- whatever your preference.

I'm envisioning the RV owners, the pickup truck owners, people who have SUVs, flocking to this -- this is probably going to be a very popular gas stunt.

And where will this free gas be given away? At Freedom Valu Center, which is located at 1535 Beam Avenue in Maplewood, Minnesota.

They're giving away the free gas -- and SkinnyWater -- from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m, Central time. They're giving away only SkinnyWater, however, from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Good luck, gas bargain hunters.

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