Bumper stickers predict road rage!

bumper sticker covered car
bumper sticker covered car

A psychologist at Colorado State University recently published a study on nature.com (subscription required) which found a link between the amount of modification or personalization of cars and a person's tendency for road rage! William Szlemko the author of the study believes that the increased road rage and aggressive driving which accompanies seat covers, bumper stickers, radios and bobble head dolls is linked to the fact that these individuals believe they are in a private and a public space at the same time, leading to innapropriate behavior.

Now that the study has been published it is only a matter of time until the insurance companies start asking for detailed pictures of your car to determine your rate for the year. This will inevitably lead to a boom in the photoshoping market as cash strapped mobile billboard owners will try to wipe clean their beloved vehicles of any kind of personality. I'm just glad the study didn't link aggressive driving to a DNA sequence; the last thing I want is to have to submit to DNA testing to get insurance!

Interestingly enough the content of the bumper stickers or modifications did not have an effect on the driver's proclivity to road rage. Which means this applies to all the soccer moms out their with 3 honor student stickers and 7 different sports activities cluttering up the back window of their minivan. I'm watching and I'll be sure to avoid your wrath! Then again maybe you should watch out for my cavalier with 1 window cling and aftermarket stereo!