A sports bra: The ultimate cheap survival device!


When I was a Boy Scout, one of my favorite activities was wilderness survival. I built shelters out of found items, made pots out of raw clay, learned how to identify and eat dozens of wild plants, and mastered a bunch of ways to start fires without resorting to a lighter. In the process, I also assembled my "Emergency Survival Kit," a little bag that was filled with all the things I would ever need if I somehow got kidnapped and dropped off in the mountains. Granted, this was a long-shot, but the Boy Scouts were big on the whole preparedness thing.

I spent tons of money assembling a variety of pricey, arcane items that were necessary to keep myself alive and restart civilization, if doing so were left in my capable hands. Over the years, I regularly packed and repacked my kit, getting rid of snakebite kits and replacing pocket knives, trading out magnesium firestarters and waterproof matches, and trying to decide if a pocket bandsaw was more useful than a set of needles.

In retrospect, however, I realize that I missed the most important item: A bra.