Switching to cloth diapers to save money


As it turns out the disposable diapers which many of our parents and most of my friends who are parents are using are not only bad for our environment but also incredibly expensive compared to the cloth diapers of yesteryear. In order to save cash and to be better stewards to the environment many new parents are switching back to cloth diapers. One example is the Nethercutt family in New York, who decided to switch to cloth diapers shortly after their first child was born despite the messy stigma that cloth diapers had attached to them.

While I can't speak to the ease of cleaning up cloth diapers the savings they present over the course of your kids diaper wearing life is significant. In fact if you compare the cost of using cloth diapers to that of using the disposables on average families save $1,500 by going with cloth diapers. Another factor which is leading to a resurgence in the cloth diaper market is the advent of new styles and types of cloth diapers which are both trendy and easier to clean up than the traditional cloth diapers. Some of which even include disposable diaper pouches for the best of both worlds.

Even with the advances in cloth diapers over the years I don't know that an average savings of just $1,500 is worth the extra time and hassle associated with cloth diapers. Sometimes there are things worth spending extra on and for me, the ability to quickly dispose of babies number 2 falls into that category. How the heck do you even go about cleaning a cloth diaper?

What is your bundle of joy bundled up in, Pampers or cotton?