Spend some bucks, save your life: The safest airline seats


After analyzing over 100 accidents and interviewing almost 2,000 plane crash survivors, researchers at London's Greenwich University have determined that the safest seats on an airline are near the front of the plane, either on, in front of, or behind an emergency exit row. Passengers seated between two and five rows from an exit also had an above average chance of survival. For passengers seated six or more rows from an exit, however, "the chances of perishing far outweigh those of surviving."

Where does personal finance enter the equation? Well, the front of the plane is usually reserved for first class and business class passengers, while the more dangerous back of the plane is where the cattle...um, coach passengers go. The next time you're weighing the cost of that upgrade, you might want to think about the intangible benefits that come with business class!

Bruce Watson is a freelance writer, blogger, and all-around cheapskate. Given the way airlines treat coach passengers, he has a feeling that they've known about the safest seats for a long time...