Man sells life on eBay -- the beginning of a career as an internet celebrity?


44-year old Australian Ian Usher needed to start a new life after his marriage of 5-years ended, so he did what any rational person would do: he sold his old life on eBay, earning $380,000. Included in the listing was his 3-bedroom home, all his possessions, a motorcycle and jet ski, and his relationships with his friends. The lucky bidder will also get Mr. Usher's job at a carpet store.

The story gets even cooler. When the sale closes, he'll embark on a new life and, yes -- he has a shameless publicity stunt for that too: outlines his plans for the next two years which include a pretty ambitious travel schedule: Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand and Las Vegas -- all in the first few months!

This is great evidence of the power of the internet to allow just about anyone to construct a bull crap career for themselves in the wake of a mid-life crisis: come up with a silly idea that will get sites like this one to write about you, start a website/blog about it, sell advertising on it, make YouTube videos, make money, get a book deal, etc. Brilliant! And harmless too!

Ian Usher seems to have claimed the sell your old life and start a new one niche, but I'm sure you can think of something equally inane to build a career with. Just hire a good publicist.