Short on cash? Take a workcation to earn money!

hay bale
hay bale

Earlier this month we covered 25 ways to raise cash quick with ideas ranging from medical testing and gambling to renting out your extra parking space. If for some reason pimping out your bod for science doesn't sound like a sound method for raising some extra dough, and you already have a day job, then I have the answer for you! Instead of taking a stay-cation and exploring your local town for your 2-3 week vacation, take a workcation. That's right; you can use this short period to do some temping, or work at one of many random jobs while still collecting pay from your regular employer.

For example, if you already have some kind of part-time or freelance gig, see if you can use your vacation to tackle a new project or get some extra work done. I've been using my vacation days to write posts here at WalletPop, but even if you aren't a blogger, there are many possibilities for taking a workcation.

If you've already tried a temp agency, then your next stop for finding short-term employment should be with small businesses. Hit up any small businesses you frequent or whose owners you know to see if you can do any odd jobs that have been sitting on their corporate "honey-do" list for ages. Your own company may be the source of some workcation money. If they have extra tasks which need completed, see if you can take your vacation days and still come in to work at full pay even if you are doing something else in another department. If your company is weathering the recession, they might be up for it.