Play nice: Bad break ups can cost you money, your job, or even your life!


Recently, I was scanning through a newspaper when I came across an article about women who seek revenge on ex-boyfriends. While some of the ladies engaged in the sort of slashed tires/Ex-Lax-cake tactics that one might expect, others resorted to arson, assault, and even branding. One woman hid a marble in the door of her ex's Audi GT, where it rattled for weeks until he spent a fortune having the car taken apart. Another plastered her neighborhood with pictures of the boyfriend along with the words "I have herpes."

Wow. Although I have never had reason to doubt the veracity of the New York Daily News, these stories sounded a little ridiculous to me. Of course, the arson and branding incidents are a matter of public record, but the other bunny-boiler behavior sounded like urban legends. After all, who has this much time and money to devote to torturing ex-boyfriends?

Apparently, a lot of people.