Logitech Harmony universal remote: $50 Amazon.com


Daily Deal for Saturday, June 28th:

You can never have too many golf clubs fishing poles or video games, But; you can have too many remotes and many households do have an obscene amount of them! In fact if I didn't already have a Logitech Universal remote our home viewing experience would at times require somewhere between 4 and 5 remotes! Thankfully we only need one remote which makes for a tidier house and allows practically anyone to use the setup without any training.

Amazon.com currently has the Logitech Harmony 550 on sale for just $50 and while $50 may seem like a lot to pay for a remote the features that come with the harmony line of remotes is well worth it. Honestly isn't the sanctity of your marriage worth at least $50. How many times does your spouse call you in frustration because all they want to do is watch Finding Nemo or Diehard but the Rubik's cube of remote controls won't let them?

With the Logitech Harmony line you can program the remote to do certain tasks with the push of one button. As an example, when I press watch a DVD my remote turns on the TV, switches to HDMI2, turns on the Xbox 360, powers on the receiver and switches it to DVD all in a few seconds! Don't worry about punching in 6 digit codes and looking for flashing lights either. The Logitech database has codes for all makes and models of equipment. If on the off chance your stereo isn't in the list you can use your old remote to teach the Logitech all of its commands.

If you don't get this for yourself, get it for your family...your friends...and anyone who you share your home entertainment with, even if only for a night. Trust me you won't regret it.