Tell the world about your rotten neighbors


Have you been tormented by a rotten neighbor? Perhaps one that tossed trash into your yard, owns a yappy dog chained out back, races his straight-piped Harley at four in the morning, or plants poison ivy on your property line? Or perhaps you've BEEN a rotten neighbor, one who keeps his/her lawn so manicured it makes the other lawns look bad?

Yes, rotten is a value judgment, and the Internet is all about value judgments. It should come as no surprise, then, that the web site exists. This site allows posters to upload diatribes against their unpleasant neighbors, their location noted on a Google Maps base, perfect for house hunters checking out the neighborhood for toxic owners.

An example (the unique spelling is not mine)-

"Cars block my driveway during peek times and the dogs are loud. He wrote a 'nice' letter telling me that I was very rude and basically a total ##### to question his service to the community. I was nice and he was just a A-hole. Not to mention but some friends of mine said that they don't trust him b/c he's a psycho dr. I went online and found records of him being sued for malpractice and abusing animals, also on another website against this wackjob, he's pron to sending harrasning letters to loyal trustworthy customers who's pets were wrongfully diagnosed by him."

The site also allows the indignant to upload videos of their rotten neighbor's property and/or actions. While the database of rotten neighbors is rather slim at the moment, the site also tags the location of foreclosures as well as sex offenders, who certainly must be considered rotten neighbors. You can even send your rotten neighbor an anonymous message via the site.

In case you're wondering, none of my neighbors has posted a complaint about me. They probably realize that, If they do, I'd bury their front yard in dog poop.