The world's best list of ways to reuse common items


Lists of reusable items seem to be a dime a dozen online, ranging from the top 10 alternate uses for old peach pits to the slightly more practical ways to reuse tennis balls but for the most part I have found these lists to lack any applicability in ,my life. The main reason I found them useless was that the suggested uses were way too specific or convoluted to be put into action.

Thankfully that has finally changed, I found the best list of ways to reuse everyday items at The Good Human! Not only does the list include many items which are practical, but it also includes many fun and creative uses that even the most timid re-user can find something that fits their life.

While the list covers 25 different items I found these to be the most useful to me personally.

  • Beer bottle cap magnets.

  • Baby food jars as candle holders.

  • Wine rack made from shipping tubes.

  • Using an old garden hose to irrigate an entire garden.

  • Use your old shower curtain as a tarp or as a dropcloth.

While I don't plan to use an old bath mat as a mop or begin to use my old shoe boxes to file anything other than the cards my wife has given me, this list provides concrete examples for reuse. As an added bonus, to make use of many of these ideas you won't need to do much if any additional work. In the few cases you do need to modify something you have the added bonus of pounding a nail through a hose or tearing t shirts in half in an attempt to mimic The Hulk or if you prefer Hulk Hogan. Thankfully the list even provided a worthwhile use for my toilet paper collection which failed to sell last month.

What is your favorite item to reuse around the house?