Surprise! TSA screeners are bad at their jobs


Homeland Security says the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees are bad at their jobs, and I believe them! They say the nation's 48,000 airport screeners have extremely high injury and turnover rates.

The reason they're so bad at their jobs? They're frustrated! Awwwwww..... The TSA chief says Homeland Security relied on "disgruntled screeners" at a few locations for these results and we shouldn't believe them. I don't know about you, but curiously, I run into those "disgruntled" TSA employees at just about every airport I use.

TSA employees are complaining about favortism, discrimination, and management misconduct. A screener says this is all true and that the work of his peers is suffering. Someone in TSA upper management says that morale is good and screeners are providing good security. Which is it, people?