Fantastic Freebies:Test ride a Vespa and get a FREE Subway sub!


Here's a deal that's just too good to pass up. From now until August 10, 2008, if you go to a Vespa or Piaggio dealer and arrange a Vespa test ride, or request a Vespa demo from a sales associate there, you will receive a $5 Subway cash card. I'm thinking that because Subway has 12 inch subs for $5, this translates as one fine FREE sub sandwich!

As an added benefit, the Subway cards can be reloaded with cash at any time, so you can keep your card loaded up and use it to take advantage of other Subway deals. Here's the link where you can get the details on the Vespa test ride and sub sandwich deal. If you"re not sure if there's a Vespa dealer near you, here's the handy Vespa dealer locater.

I think this is a great deal, and extremely timely. Many of our readers are probably considering a scooter as an alternate means of transportation right about now anyway. So, why not scoot over to your nearest Vespa dealer to take a look at their wares. You'll get a free sub sandwich just for doing it!