Windows XP is fading away


On Monday, June 30, Microsoft will stop selling Windows XP software. Say hello to the still dreadful Windows Vista, the software that is reportedly to blame for the death of many relationships between computers and peripherals. More and more consumers will get the joy of spending hours trying to get their computers to recognize printers and PDAs, and the result is often ugly.

One bright spot: Buyers of certain low-end home computers will still be able to get Windows XP pre-installed on their machines through January 31, 2009. Seven more months to put off the inevitable for those lucky consumers. Unfortunately, most new PCs will not offer that option. Something tells me the sellers of those few home computers with XP will make a killing!

Vista is much maligned because users are basically forced to buy new computers, as the system hogs so much memory and is worthless on an older computer. Many drivers were not compatible with Vista, and plenty still aren't, even after more than a year on the market.