Why can't all warranties match these standards?


In shopping for a new furnace, one company provided me with a set of warranties unlike any I've heretofore encountered. No mealy-mouthed double talk, no block of mouse print at the bottom undercutting the promises. (I'm not mentioning the company name, because I don't want this to construed as an endorsement: leave your email address if you'd like the name. It's a Central Ohio company.)

The warranties read (each in its entirety)-

"Two Year Trial Guarantee- If, after two years and for any reasons, you decide that you don't like the system, we will remove it and return your entire purchase price plus interest."

Plus interest? Wow.

"$500.00 No Frustration Guarantee- If your furnace or air conditioner fails to heat or cool your home during the first year, we will fix it FREE including parts and labor within 24 hours or write you a check for $500 for your frustration and aggravation."