Want some Colorado lottery cash? Just follow your nose!


I still remember the first time I scratched and sniffed. When I was a kid, the technology was in its beginning stages, and my sisters had some of the first scratch and sniff books. I used to love smelling the grass, cheese, and root beer pictures, all of which carried the delicate scent of cardboard mixed with their designated smells. It was awesome.

Personally, I think the high point of scratch and sniff was John Waters' Polyester, a moderately disturbing 1981 movie about suburbia. In addition to sterling performances by Tab Hunter and Divine, the film featured Waters' patented Odorama, a gimmick that allowed the audience to actually smell some of the scenes in the movie. Basically, filmgoers were issued a big Odorama card, which featured scents ranging from pizza to shoes to marijuana. At various times, numbers would flash up on the screen and the audience would scratch the appropriate section of the card. It was incredibly cool in a William Castle-cheesy kind of way, and I still have a few of the cards.

In fact, Odorama was so awesome that the Rugrats movie stole it. Somehow, the idea of a kids' movie robbing from a John Waters flick gives me wonderful chills.

Anyway, Colorado is now taking scratch and sniff to the next level. Their new crossword tickets come in three distinct scents: Chocolate Crossword, Coffee Crossword, and Crossword Bouquet. As patrons scratch the $3 tickets, they get to enjoy the delicious wafting aroma of their choice.