The Bedfan: simple solution to high A/C bills?


I've been doing some research on the amount of electricity used in the household, and, as you might expect, air conditioning is by far the most expensive application. In fact, according to Mr. Electricity, running your A/C half a day for three weeks is the equivalent of leaving your fridge door open for a whole year.

Obviously, a good way to save money is to reduce the hours you run your air-conditioner, or raise the temperature you maintain. For my wife and me, the discomfort of hot weather is worst at night when we are trying to sleep. Therefore, I'm intrigued by the Bedfan, a device that claims to provide more comfortable sleep without A/C.

The Bedfan works by blowing a layer of air under your sheet and directly over your body. It rests at the foot of the bed with a small discharge chute that directs air onto your feet, up your trunk and out by your pillow. The device has multiple speeds and claims to be very quiet.

The Bedfan isn't cheap at $70, but if it allows me to keep my thermostat a few degrees higher, it could save me a great deal of money. It comes with a full money-back guarantee. I'm planning to buy one and will report back on how it stacks up against its promises. At first blush, though, it seems like a great idea.

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