Q&A with a Coupon Cutting Guru


I have found a new financial hero: Kyle James. He is a coupon god.

Many guys -- as he alludes to on his coupon blog -- still have a 1950s mentality with coupons. They think it's women's work. Although my guess is that with every increasing penny at the gas station pump, men are starting to see coupon clipping for the sport it is.

James, 33, started his California-based business, Rather-Be-Shopping.com, back in 2001 and has turned it into a successful business that supports him, his stay-at-home wife and their three young kids -- in other words, this web site is presumably as good as it looks. In fact, from what I understand, he has 2,500 visitors a day who come to check out coupons from over 500 retailers.

And hoping to be similarly helpful to WalletPoppers, I conducted a mini-interview with Mr. James about coupons.

WalletPop:What type of coupons are people gravitating toward these days?
Kyle James:
Free shipping coupons, big-time, the past couple months. I get more email from shoppers looking for free shipping coupons than anything else. It seems to go across all shopping categories as well. People always bring up the high cost of gas as a big factor. I think consumers are really measuring how much they drive, and see the direct benefit of shopping from home and getting it delivered to their doorstep for free. It's almost as if shoppers feel like they are beating the system if they can find and use a free shipping coupon.