Preposterous products: The self-stirring mug, and more


Today we feature three products that fit in our preposterous products category; products that suggest the purchaser may have too much money.

1. The USB-powered greenhouse. If you aren't burning up enough energy already, this bit of greenery will help suck more out of your USB port. The $14.99 kit from includes marigold seeds, soil, a container with USB hookup and computer software to guide your farming effort. (Note: currently out of stock. One wonders what other plant materials might be substituted for marigolds...)

2. The battery-powered self-stirring mug. From Gevalia, this insulated mug will stir your drink at the push of a button, perfect for those who, once their latte has separated, are clueless about how to reintegrate the ingredients. $18.95, batteries included.

3. The USB vacuum. This mini-Hoover with 45" cord will accomplish everything that turning your keyboard over and shaking it will, but employs the magic of electricity to save the user from the dangers of overworking the hands and wrists. From Whatever Works for only $19.99, the USB vacuum is the perfect solution for a problem that does not exist.