Next target for environmentalists: Drive-throughs


One Wisconsin city is discussing a plan to tick off plenty of convenience-seeking drivers: Ban drive-through windows. It's being considered in the name of environmentalism. After all, what city can claim to be "green" if it allows a driver to idle a car for two minutes while trying to get a cup of coffee or a Happy Meal?

"Climate change" (name recently changed because "global warming" didn't cut it anymore in light of the cold winter with an excess of snow) is causing politicians on the Madison Plan Commission to consider the ban. The concept came up as the commission was considering a request from a local Starbucks to add a drive-through. No drive-through means less idling of cars and therefore fewer emissions into the atmosphere.

One commission member is saying that news reports are blown out of proportion and they aren't considering an outright ban on drive-throughs. He says a more likely scenario is that the city would not approve any new drive-throughs, leaving the current businesses intact. The Starbucks asking to be approved is safe for the time being, and their drive-through is a go.