Everyone needs a free cookie...


For American and Canadian cookie lovers alike, who happen to be near a Doubletree Hotel in early July -- take note of what I just learned: Canadians on Canada Day (July 1) and Americans on Independence Day (July 4) who enter a Doubletree Hotel for any reason at all -- will be treated to a free, freshly-baked chocolate chip cookie.

According to the Doubletree web site, the company gives away more than 29,000 chocolate chip cookies to its hotel guests every day. That's a lot of cookies. Since it began making people's day in this manner in the early '80s, the company estimates that it's given away some 125,000,000 cookies to guests and more than 750,000 to charity over the years.

Each Doubletree chocolate chip cookie is baked at the hotel, weighing in at 2 and a half ounces with an average of 20 chocolate chips.

If this doesn't get you traveling more, I don't know what will. At the very least, you should wander into one of the many Doubltree Hotel properties around the country, and ask them if you can use the bathroom. Be sure to pick up your free cookie on the way out. Your glass of cold milk, however, will cost extra.