Stamps and Dares- Video Poker: Jacks or Better


I know it's two posts and it's the same game, but we have some many good looking stamps I thought it would be a good idea to make two posts out of the Video Poker stamps. The old Jack in Jacks or Better really gets to shine in these handsome stamps. The bigger question is?

Can you win them all? Play video poker now!

Four of a Kind on Jacks or Better Stamp
Any four of kind will give you this fine stamp. Take chance and hold em before you spin again.

Straight Flush on Jacks or Better Stamp
Now, it's just plain getting tricky. Without any wild cards hitting straight flush is a tough, tough hand to pull...or is it?

Royal Flush on Jacks or Better Stamp
Madness, I tell you madness! If you can put the effort in you'll be the Video Poker master and have the stamp to show for it.