Save money with @Home from T-Mobile

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Bundling often saves money, and with phone companies selling TV services and TV companies selling phone services the options for bundling keep increases. T-Mobile has even thrown its hat into the ring with its new @Home Unlimited home phone service, which operates over your Internet connection for $10 a month. In order for the service to work you'll still need a high speed Internet connection so don't go canceling your DSL just yet. You'll also need to get a special router from T-mobile which will cost $50 with a two year contract.

While you can usually add an extra line to your cell phone plan on any of the carriers, the T-Mobile @Home service provides the convenience of using a normal home phone and lets you avoid any bad reception areas in your house. The service also lets you transfer your existing home phone number and is better than keeping a cellphone at home because the @Home service passes along your address information if you need to make a 911 call.

The T-Mobile @Home service looks to be a great deal for anyone on T-Mobile that wants to have the convenience of a home phone. The only downside of the @Home service is that you'll need to sign a 2-year contract in order to get on board. The router you need for this service is also compatible with another T-Mobile service; Unlimited Hotspot calling gives certain T-Mobile cell phones unlimited calling over wifi for an additional $10 per month.

If you already have your home phone bundled with your Internet and cable you need to make sure that the prices for those services won't go up and eat away at the savings you would gain from switching to T-Mobile for your home phone. For the features that @Home provides, $10 is a great deal for T-Mobile customers in need of a home phone.

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