Beating burglars...on a budget


If there's one major humdinger from AOL Home Improvement Editor Tom Kraeutler's article "Cheap Home Security Tricks", it's this: Keep the Landscaping In Shape. Now, I'm sure Mr. Kraeutler did the research and gave considerable thought to compiling his list of cost-effective home security methods, but does he have any idea how expensive planting, watering, fertilizing, and pruning a shrubbery can be?

Seriously. There are some good, money-saving suggestions here. Motion-detector lights, for instance, and indoor light timers, which are relatively inexpensive to install and set. And then there are those handy deadbolts and doorstops, since burglars will usually give up and head home if there are too many deterrents to entering a house.

But if I could add one suggestion for cheap home security, I'd include the advice of early 20th century hobo and career thief Jack Black who, when asked the best way to keep burglars away, answered "a two-dollar dog."

For some extra advice on what to do if burglars actually make their way in to the house, check out BloggingStocks' The Best Place to Hide Money? Ask a Burglar and The Worst Place to Hide Money? Ask a Burglar.

B. Brandon Barker also writes for Political Machine.