Trying to survive on a $0 budget? Live in the closet!


58-year old Tatsuko Horikawa, of Fukuoka, Japan, recently discovered the secret to living really, really cheaply. Rather than pay for rent, food, clothing, and other necessities, she has been secretly bunking in a closet for several months. Until recently, the man she's been rooming with has had no idea that he was not the only person in his house, but the mysterious disappearance of food from his kitchen convinced him to install security cameras.

When he first saw the images of Horikawa, the man thought that a burglar had broken into his house. However, when he called the police, the officers discovered that his doors and windows were still locked and intact. Further investigation revealed Horikawa, who had installed a mattress and several water bottles in a compartment in the man's closet. Police speculate that she has been living there, off and on, for up to a year. They also think that she may have been "closet surfing" in homes throughout the neighborhood.

While this story is a little creepy, it's also a little inspiring. If things get to be too much, it's nice to know that there might be a place for you in your neighbor's closet. Just be sure to clear out the dust bunnies first!

Bruce Watson is a freelance writer, blogger, and all-around cheapskate. He's never lived in a closet, although he has been known to hide under a bed or two.