Preposterous products:The Chapter One watch

watch Chapter One
watch Chapter One

Fellow Walletpop blogger Julie Tilsner recently shared that the construction of mega mansions has not been slowed with the economic downturn we have been experiencing. It seems that apparently those with loads of disposable income continue to have the means to purchase extravagant even preposterous products like the Chapter One, a $400,000 wristwatch! Other than the fancy display, the watch is rather bare bones featuring only the moon phase and the current day. The high cost apparently comes from the low number being made and the collaboration of three top watch designers.

If my bankroll permitted me to drop this much money on a watch, you could count on it having an Internet connection, remote control of my car and a personal concierge. I'm not in the position to advise the fabulously wealthy about how to spend their money, but honestly wouldn't you rather send some kid to college than wear the cost of med school on your wrist?

I can see a few mortgage companies picking these up for their executives who are jumping ship with golden parachutes. Maybe they can pay an extra $5,000 to have an extra One engraved so they can give Chapter 11 watches to celebrate the current state of the company!

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