What is your bod worth?

Recently, WalletPop has carried stories about the free-market value of your plasma, sperm and hair. However, those are a mere pittance compared to the value of various body parts as listed by MoneyCentral, based on the amount for which they were insured. Imagine what you'd be worth with

  • Mariah Carey's legs: Insured for a cool $1 billion, the pair.

  • David Beckham's bod: $200 million. Imagine what he'd be worth if he could still score goals.

  • Michael (Riverdance) Flatley's legs: $50 million. That's a lot of bouncing bucks.

  • Bruce Springsteen's voice: $7 million. Wonder what Dylan would have to pay?

  • Heidi Klum's legs: $2.3 million. She should so fire her agent and hire Carey's.

  • Dolly Parton's boobs: $700,000 (around $10,000 a pound). What happens when the 'market' drops?

Amazingly, there are some people that not even Lloyd's of London will insure, including Lindsay Lohan and Robert Downey, Jr. My guess is Amy Winehouse is headed for this list, as well.

What part of your body would you insure if you could? I'd probably want to cover my butt. Without it, I don't know where I sit, and it would limit where I could talk out of.