Credit scoring based on what you buy?

Many consumers are aware that their credit history can have a big impact on their lives, and the effects reach beyond the home mortgage, the auto loan, and the credit card. Credit scores have long been used by insurance companies in determining the premiums you pay. Hospitals are starting to look at credit histories before providing some types of care.

And now the credit scoring mystery gets a little stranger. The FTC is suing CompuCredit, company that provides credit cards to people with poor credit. The FTC is alleging that the company uses unfair practices in its proprietary system of credit scoring for its customers.

For CompuCredit, it doesn't just matter how long you've had an account, whether you've made your payments on time, or whether you've exceeded your credit limit. They also include factors in their scoring system based on what you're buying with your credit card. And they're cutting off customers who use their credit cards at massage parlors, bars, billiard halls, and marriage counselors.