Ross Perot returns and warns of impending economic doom


You may have heard that Ross Perot is making news again in this election.

Again, for those of you who are 20 or younger, refers to when Perot ran for president in 1992 and 1996. Whether people agreed with Perot or not, and for many, he was a fresh breath of air on the political scene, at least at first -- it was hard to find fault with signature campaign issue: bring down the national debt.

He gained a lot of attention during both elections -- well, that's understating it; in 1992, he took approximately 20 percent of the vote -- and one of the reasons he got noticed was that the Texas billionaire businessman bought time on network television and talked about the national debt, explaining the gravity of the situation with a lot of graphs and colorful charts. Comedians poked fun at the charts, and so did many editorial cartoonists, but the consensus was generally that Perot made a strong impression. National debt may have not been the top issue in 1992, but people were talking about it, and they did when he returned to run in 1996.

And now he's back. This time, he isn't running for office, but Perot, almost 78, is trying to sound the alarm about the national debt. He is worried that the government is bankrupting our country.

So, at the risk of igniting a political debate in the comments section, and I really don't want to -- I just think the issue of our national debt is interesting -- I checked out his new web site,, and thought I'd mention it to WalletPop readers.

Besides, I figured it might be nice to see a familiar face from the 1990s, and to hear that rich Texas twang.

It was nice to see Perot, and I appreciate what he's doing, but I have to admit, I didn't enjoy my visit much. Not that his web site isn't well done. No, it's just that he scared me out of my wits.